AWS Service Management Connector for Service Now

Enable ServiceNow end users to provision, manage, and operate AWS resources natively.

How can ServiceNow users best utilize AWS Service Management Connector?

Customers can use ServiceNow as a single place to track operational items from AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter. View, investigate, and resolve operational items related to AWS resources, while using their existing workflows. Additionally, use AWS Systems Manager Automation runbooks from ServiceNow to remediate known issues. AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter also enables operators to track and resolve operational items related to AWS resources from a central place, helping reduce time to issue resolution.

ServiceNow users also can use the AWS Service Management Connector to enable the OpsCenter integration feature. ServiceNow administrators can configure the connector to work with new or existing AWS accounts, and associate one or more AWS accounts to ServiceNow. The connector synchronizes actions taken in ServiceNow with OpsCenter, and vice versa. The connector also enables AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager Automation, AWS Security Hub Integration Features

SerciveNow simplifies cloud provisioning and resource management for ServiceNow administrators.


  • Execute automation playbooks
  • Extend approved AWS resources to end users through AWS Service Catalog
  • Manage incidents through AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter
  • Track resources in the CMDB
  • Define new resource categorizations in the CMDB
  • Sync AWS Security Hub finds to ServiceNow incidents

ServiceNOW users are able to

  • Manage AWS products in the Service Catalog
  • Visualize the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Request automation playbook on AWS resources with runbooks
  • Integrate AWS resources into your ServiceNow Portal
  • Resolve AWS security findings as ServiceNow incidents powered by AWS Security Hub

Achieve higher ROI for both ServiceNow and AWS by automating and integrating across both platforms. This frees up customers by reducing work-in-progress (WIP) and achieves effective incident resolution so that both AWS and ServiceNow goals are met in unison.

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