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Create intelligent, actionable data with AI and Machine Learning

Drive Your Outcomes with AI & Machine Learning (ML).
Triumph Tech accelerates your projects using proven cloud frameworks. Gain unparalleled intelligence from your data from our experts in data engineering to data science.

AWS Empowers Every Developer With Machine Learning

Every developer, data scientist, and expert practitioner receives the broadest and deepest set of ML services and supporting cloud infrastructure in AWS.

Machine Learning Services With Speed

Build, train, and deploy ML models fast.

Quickly Adoptable AI Services

Easily add intelligence to your applications.

Deep Learning Frameworks

Choice and flexibility with extensive framework support for deep learning.

Solve Unique Problems With Ml

Solves your organization’s unique problems with Machine Learning through AWS.
Benefit from Machine Learning on AWS by meeting Triumph Tech’s team of Machine Learning Specialists!

AWS AI Services – Easily Add Intelligence to Applications

Explore Machine Learning Services on AWS

Amazon Sagemaker Studio

Deploy, build, and train Machine Learning models in the first fully integrated development environment.

Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth

Build and manage highly accurate training datasets quickly with pre-built workflows in Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth.

Amazon Sagemaker Autopilot

See all parts of your Machine Learning Models in Sagemaker Autopilot.

Amazon Sagemaker Neo

Train and run Machine Learning Models in the cloud and at the edge with Amazon Sagemaker Neo.

Isolate insights and relationships in text using Machine Learning (ML) with Amazon Comprehend, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) service (No ML experience required)

Find the most expensive lines of code and automate code reviews automatically with Amazon Codeguru

Easily build chatbots using Amazon Lex

Extract text from millions of documents using Amazon Textract

Convert text into life-like speech using Amazon Polly

Add Image and Video Analysis to your applications to catalogue assets, automate media workflows, and extract meaning with Amazon Rekognition

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