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Display Your AWS Cloud Storage Skills with New Digital Badges

Display Your AWS Cloud Storage Skills with New Digital Badges

Are you a cloud storage professional or an on-premises storage pro who’s curious about cloud storage? Are you interested in demonstrating your AWS Storage knowledge and skills to potential employers and your community of peers? AWS would like to bring your attention to the recent launch of digital badges aligned to Learning Plans for Block Storage and Object Storage on AWS Skill Builder. In this 2021 Indeed blog post, cloud-computing was deemed the top in-demand skill for job seekers.

The new, verifiable digital badges are available to everyone who scores at least 80 percent on Learning Plan assessments. The badges prove your knowledge and skills for Object Storage and/or Block Storage in the AWS Cloud. Digital badges, which are distributed and managed through Credly, carry the metadata that enables issuer and credential verification, and list the skills demonstrated by the holder. Sharing badges on your résumé, among your peer community, and via social media assists in developing your career in cloud computing and celebrates your achievements. You can also showcase your badges in your AWS re:Post user profile, launched during re:Invent 2021.

Start collecting digital storage learning badges today
The Learning Plans and new digital badges for Block Storage and Object Storage help you showcase your in-demand knowledge and skills related to AWS Storage. Find out more and get started at

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