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What we do

Triumph Tech, powered by AWS, provides high-powered computing for creative studios and AWS consulting, enabling artists with personalized attention and boundless cloud resources.

Scale Rendering

With the immense compute capability of AWS, rendering is no longer a bottleneck for creative studios. Studios can take on more work and render more projects.

Hybrid or
Full Cloud

Support for hybrid or full cloud rendering provides studios with flexible options to scale production workflows.


SPay for the computer power that you use without ever owning a server room. With the cloud, the capital costs vanish, so you can get back to creating.

Leverage EC2
Spot Instances

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are available at up to a 90% discount compared to On-Demand prices. Whether rendering 1,000 frames on 1 Spot Instance for 1,000 hours or 1,000 frames on 1,000 Spot Instances for 1 hour, the cost is virtually the same.

What our clients say

"Triumph Tech has been amazing to work with. Their ability to plan, manage, and scale services across the AWS cloud has been a game changer for us. I highly recommend their team."

Nate Winkler -

"Very glad I was referred to Triumph Tech for our Migration to AWS. Tremendous lift not to be concerned anymore when you have a sale or spike in traffic. These guys helped us scale out our E-Commerce platform by leveraging the AWS Cloud."

Joe Temple - RG Apparel Co.

"Triumph tech built out our Highly Available Microservices based architecture in the AWS cloud the way it was supposed to be built."

Abid Virani - Fable Tech Labs

Supported Softwares

Rendering Licensing

BYOL Licenses, or use UBL, per minute licensing for applications

Render Queue Manager Support