Application Modernization Containers and Serverless

Instant Long-Term Benefits from the Cloud

Future-proof your business with Containers and Serverless cloud-native technology. Enhance scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency while adding new capabilities to your mission-critical software.
Why Containers on AWS?

Start DevOps on Day One

Ensure consistent and auditable environments with a CI/CD pipeline using a single truth source for deployment and operations.

Your Business, Your Security

AWS offers 210 services and key features for security, compliance, and governance. These offerings are nearly 40 more in number than the competition. Protect your containers with AWS security isolation. Run the latest security updates and set granular access permissions for every container.

Work From Anywhere

Run AWS container services on the best global infrastructure with 69 Availability Zones (AZ) across 22 Regions.

Save With Efficiency

Gain significant savings since Serverless and Containers use the hardware efficiently.


With your choice of tools and APIs, run your containers on AWS with a wide selection of container orchestrators.

Maintain your mission-critical services with containers, AWS constructs and APIs through Elastic Container Service (ECS). Tested extensively for security, reliability, and availability, ECS is deeply integrated with AWS services through Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Amazon Route 53.

Harness the same high performance capabilities that powers Amazon SageMaker, AWS Batch, Amazon Lex,’s search engine, Expedia, Mobileye, Cook Pad, and Hudl with ECS. Every hour, ECS launches five times the number of tasks than the number of instances launched by EC2.

Speed through your workloads with containers by meeting our Container Experts!

Use Cases


Arrange and run applications with process isolation as microservices for your needs.

Application Migration to The Cloud

Create portable applications with Containers in the cloud. By packaging up the code, your application can be deployed anywhere the docker runs.

Batch Processing

Start jobs rapidly and scale them dynamically in containers with package batch processing and ETL jobs.

Platform as a Service

Relieve developers from managing infrastructure with containers. Build platforms that standardize your applications’ deployment and management.

Accelerate Your Workloads Rapidly

Gain the advantage over your competitors with the full power of cloud native services as drop-in replacements for data, streaming, API management, logging, monitoring, and alerting

  • Without refactoring or rewriting applications, take advantage of the cloud’s competitive costs, flexible scalability, and sustained reliability.
  • Workloads will have more elasticity and responsiveness.
  • Employ continuous build & delivery pipelines and infrastructure automations in the cloud for mid-lifecycle applications.

As an alternative to Serverless, Containers are the preference for deploying complex distributed new applications. With only minimal changes to applications, Containers are the most useful when an application doesn’t require major refactoring.

  • Solve management and infrastructure concerns by packaging code and dependencies in a unified format.
  • Reduce complexity and scale effortlessly with the container ecosystem and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.
  • Increased portability of applications and improved developer workflows by creating isolated sandboxes for each component, where applications run decoupled from the underlying infrastructure.

Build self-healing, auto-scaling, serverless applications on your terms, free from server limitations.

Reduce costs and optimize time and resources into developing great products.

  • EKS
  • Fargate
  • ECS
  • Codepipeline
  • Lambda
  • Codebuild

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